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While writing has not been my main focus in journalism, I have written various stories for The Comet as well as providing cutlines for photos. One of my favorite parts about writing stories for the paper is being able to interview people and collect data for the stories I write.

The Comet - 10/20/16

Scan_0350-01 straightened.jpg

The Comet - 2/7/17


I wrote this story after ping pong became an "obsession" at my high school. I was able to interview students who took advantage of the tables and the impact it made on their school day.

The Comet - 10/26/18


I wrote this commentary on the bug problem around my school after noticing dead and alive spiders everywhere. This issue bothered me immensely and I enjoyed being able to share my take on the problem with readers.

The Comet - 12/13/16


I wrote this straight news piece over the job options available to students after the decision to build a truck stop across from the high school. I liked being able to find a unique take on a city wide piece of news.

The story that I wrote over the potential for a soccer team to be added is one of my favorite stories I have been able to write. I had to contact area athletic directors and principals to find out about existing programs in area schools and was able to learn a lot about the situation that had not often been told to the public. Shortly after this story was published, a co-ed team was formed.

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