My Work & Experience


Director of Social Media & Marketing | Kappa Delta 

As Director of Social Media and Marketing for my sorority, I ran all social media platforms including Instagram, Tik Tok & Facebook. I planned out posts for Instagram & Facebook on a multiple times a week basis and created Tik Toks monthly. I created Instagram Story content every other day and created new social media initiatives like #SisterShoutout & #WhyKDWednesday to spotlight different members of the organization.


I worked to source photos and content from members for all platforms frequently. In addition to this, I created graphics for several events, photographed events as well as planned creative photoshoots with members. I also coordinated with the Vice President of Recruitment & Marketing as well as the Photographer.


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Social Media Manager | BioBuilder Educational Foundation

As the Social Media Manager for BioBuilder, a educational foundation focusing on synthetic biology, I run all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I plan out posts for each platform weekly using a social media management platform. I've worked to feature podcasts and blogs the organization produces like "Career Conversations" and "The BioBuilder Podcast" in creative ways to gain more views and brand awareness.


I worked to source photos and content from various parts of the organization for all platforms frequently. In addition to this, I created graphics to spotlight different initiatives,


Marketing Photographer | K-State Athletics
Fan Experience

As the marketing photographer for the Fan Experience Department I work directly with the managers of the department to capture content for sales & advertising efforts. I photograph all home football games and various men's and women's basketball games as well as events put on for student ticket holders. I capture specific game day competitions and traditions as well as emotions from the crowd. 

In addition to following specific prompts on what needs covered, I work to find new and creative ways to capture the scene. After events, I sort through thousands of photos, pick the best ones and edit them to be sent back in a quick manner.



Freelance Marketer | Various Companies

As a freelance marketer, I've been able to provide marketing to various small businesses as well as non-profits. I've created content, managed social media accounts and strategized long term and short term marketing goals. 

In these roles, I've communicated with business owners and listened to their needs as an organization and how my help can help them work towards their goals. 


Staff Photographer | Collegian Media Group

As a photographer for the Collegian Student Newspaper, I've been able to photograph a wide variety of  subjects like protests, campus events, new buildings, etc. I've focused on covering sports and have been able to cover every single team at K-State. 

In addition to photography, I have written the occasional article for the paper. I also am working on a magazine aimed at incoming students and their families. I am helping to write content as well as photograph local places of interest.

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VP of Public Relations |
Pi Sigma Epsilon

As a member of the Executive Team, I work alongside seven other members to help our Marketing & Sales Fraternity succeed. I run the Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. With the Instagram and Facebook I work to keep members updated about meetings, recruit new members and feature what members are achieving. I create graphics that stick to a color scheme but are innovative. 

As a member, I participate in weekly meetings that consist of industry speakers, professional 

development and career exploration. I also participate in sales competitions with other universities and visits to local businesses.