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My first leadership position in newspaper was as Lead Photography Editor my sophomore year.  This was my second year on staff and I was in charge of making sure all school events were photographed and that Page Editors got the photos they needed.  Being in charge of a team of photographers was a big step and challenged me to become a better communicator and problem solver.

In my junior year, I sought out the role of Social Media Manager when I saw how underutilized the social media platforms were.  I was able to learn so much about how to grow the accounts and engage followers with content catered to students and fans. I also learned the important skill of delegating, as the workload of maintaining these accounts is too much for one person. 

Senior year I was able to step into even more leadership positions, taking on the role of Managing Editor and Sales Manager while maintaining my roles as Lead Photography Editor and Social Media Manager. In my position as Managing Editor, I helped make sure deadlines were made and staffers had assignments to work on. Working as Sales Manager put me outside of my comfort zone, as I had to go to many local businesses to pitch the value of advertising in The Comet. This position helped to improve my public speaking skills and working with others beyond the newspaper or high school for my assignments. 


Photo by Drayton Cleaver

Leadership Positions

        The Comet

  • Lead Photography Editor (August 2017-Present)

    • Managed​ a team of photographers to make sure all events were photographed, photos were posted on relevant platforms and equipment was cared for. 

  • Social Media Manager (August 2018-Present)

    • Managed​ The Comet social media accounts by posting content daily and working with others to get graphics for events.

  • Managing Editor (August 2019-Present)

    • Helped Editor-in-Chief making sure things got done as well as helping to lead class wide issue planning sessions. 

  • Sales Manager (August 2019-Present)

    • ​Went to local businesses to pitch the benefits of advertising with The Comet and make the sale.

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