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Social Media Revamp

Social media is such a major part of Chanute High School student lives yet the Comet barely utilized it. After realizing this problem, I undertook the task of revitalizing it and making it a source for students, parents and community members to stay updated.


Instagram has been the main platform I've utilized as it fits in very well with my passion for photography. 

This year, I was in charge of posting on all media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Instagram is linked to The Comet's Facebook page, so everything you see here is also posted there. 

Below are some of the insights for the past 2 years that I've managed the account


Instagram Stories

Stories have helped to cover events live, promote other media sources and stories and feature students


Featuring a student's outfit during spirit week


Using polls helped to engage followers 


I was able to quickly take photos from my camera and transfer them to my phone to use on various social medias, such as this


I often used Instagram stories to promote all of the photo galleries I put up on the website

Ad Sales

This year, I was in charge of selling ad space to businesses in my community. I had to get outside of my comfort zone and pitch the value advertising in our paper would be to business owners and was able to fill all of our ad space. I also coordinated between designers and businesses to design ads.

Below are some of the ads I sold

ad 1.jpg
ad 2.jpg
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