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Kansas Scholastic Press Association Awards

IMG_7778 edit final final.jpg maybe mayb

2019 State Sports Photo- 1st place

IMG_9677 final.jpg

2019 State Academic Photo- 1st place

State Photo Illustration final.jpg

2019 State Photo Illustration- 2nd Place

2019 State Cutline Writing- 3rd Place

2019 State Student Life Photo- Honorable Mention

Regionals Photo Illustration.jpg
regional 2019 academic.jpg

2019 Regional Academics Photo- 1st Place

2019 Regional Cutline Writing- Honorable Mention

2019 Regional Photo Illustration- 2nd Place

IMG_7284 final (1).jpg

2019 Regional Sports Photo- 3rd Place

IMG_3197 final (1) (1).jpg

2019 Regional Student Life Photo- Honorable Mention


2018 State Student Life Photo- 2nd Place

IMG_9933 edit.jpg

2018 State Sports Photo- 2nd Place


2018 State Academics Photo- 3rd Place

IMG_2898 edit.jpg

2018 Regional Sports Photo- 1st Place


2018 Regional Student Life Photo- 1st Place


2018 Regional Academic Photo- 2nd Place

Sports Photo 1 - SO.jpg

2017 State Sports Photo- 1st Place

IMG_1616 fair edit.jpg

2017 Regional Sports Photo- 2nd Place

Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards

IMG_1795 resize.jpg

Silver Key Award​- 2019

IMG_3151 edit.jpg

Honorable Mention- 2018

Kansas Historical Society Photo Contest

IMG_3552 b&w fair edit .jpg

2018  Tenth Grade Photo - 1st place Friday Night Photo Contest

  • 2019 Week 10 winner

Chanute High School Journalism

Student of the Year Award

2018 & 2019

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